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Our Staff

Healthcare Workers

Anksley Care and Support is managed by a team of highly skilled staff with significant experience in health and social care.

They are supported and monitored regularly by an experienced Care Manager to ensure that service delivery always meets with your needs and that you are happy with the care you are receiving.

About our Care Workers

  • We’ve always been committed to attracting and retaining the best Care Workers, because to us it’s not just about filling a role, it’s about finding the right person. 

  • A robust recruitment process is in place to ensure only the right staff are employed by   Anksley Care and Support and in line with legislation.

  • All our Care Workers undergo comprehensive induction and training prior to providing support to a customer.

  • We supervise care workers regularly including monthly spot checks and quarterly supervision meetings.

  • We meet formally with every member of the team at least annually to discuss their performance and to plan their future development.

  • We update moving and handling training and other knowledge on an annual basis.

  • All staff will have access to qualifications and training.

  • Care Workers providing a service to customers with specific needs will receive appropriate specialist training where required.

We Care


We take confidentiality very seriously.

All members of the Anksley Care and Support team must abide by the organisation’s confidentiality policy at all times. There will be times that we need to discuss personal facts about customers however, this will always be done in a professional manner and in line with our policies and the requirements of CQC and the relevant Data protection legislation.

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